Is it time to make Artificial Intelligence less artificial?

Thousands of column inches of press coverage are dedicated to the ‘miracle’ of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how this technology is transforming many industry sectors, from medical diagnostics, through to autonomous vehicles and smart homes.  Few doubt the impact that AI could bring, but many CFOs are only starting to grapple with its potential. Automation … Continued

CFOs – 3 reasons why FSN believe Artificial Intelligence in the finance function needs an ERP boost

The Modern Finance Forum’s most recent research reveals a healthy degree of scepticism about the prospects for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the finance function. In a September 2017 survey of more than 850 senior finance professionals, 56% of respondents expected to become more dependent on machine learning to drive more accurate forecasts, but only … Continued

Should there be a Robot tax?

In an interview this week with Bill Gates, he suggested that the use of robots should be taxed more or less equivalently to the humans they replace. The logic is at first sight appealing and irrefutable. Robots displace jobs that would have been done by humans who pay income taxes, social security taxes and insurances, (depending … Continued