Why 2019 is the time for CFOs to call change in the boardroom.

The boardroom is the nucleus of an organisation where senior executives make (hopefully profitable) strategic decisions. But as technology has spawned disruptors and new, agile business models, the competitive landscape has changed. These days boardrooms need different information to make critical decisions. Senior executives need breadth of data, from market analysis to operational scrutiny, but … Continued

5 Ways that CFOs can turbo-charge their finance functions in 2019

1.Set aside more time for finance process innovation Few finance functions plan for innovation and process improvement or set aside funding, time and resources. 11% of finance functions never discuss innovation and a further 54% say they would “if only they could spare the time”. Given this data, it is perhaps not surprising that only 12% … Continued

CFOs – Is your investment in innovation too lopsided?

Balanced investment in both customer-facing and finance systems drives the best overall performance across a business, but most innovative investment is still concentrated at the front end. So how can companies rebalance this top-heavy approach? The technological revolution has been a boon for customers, from online shopping to product recommendations, targeted advertising to precise delivery … Continued

CFOs need to throw their weight behind innovation

In business, start-ups are envied and feared in equal measure. Incumbents watch as these nimble disruptors tear up traditional business models and steal their customers with ruthless efficiency. The start-up mentality has become a by-word for innovation, agility, focus and intensity. So how can CFOs tip the balance in favour of innovation? 1 Understanding the … Continued

What are the market implications of the Workday + Adaptive Insights deal?

There is no doubt that the union of Adaptive Insights and Workday is a good deal for both entities. Both are respected organisations and as many have said there is a good cultural fit. Both companies have an open and welcoming culture. But what are the deeper motivations and wider market implications of the deal? … Continued

3 reasons why smart CFOs are signing-up to innovation

Innovation is constantly on the lips of business leaders. We live in an environment where costs have been cut to the bone, price control is slipping from everyone’s grasp and growth rates are in low single digits. Against this backdrop, innovation offers a way of breaking out of the pack, delivering superior returns and gaining market … Continued

How can CFOs make their forecasts more insightful?

Around 70% of CFOs say that there forecasting process is “respected”, “inclusive” and “strategically aligned”, but only 40% say that the outcome is “insightful”, i.e. reveals unexpected insights and pathways to better performance. Despite the huge effort expended in the forecasting process it seems that it often fails to live up to expectations. So, the obvious question … Continued

FSNs 5 Five Fresh Focuses For CFOs in 2018

2017 has been a particularly busy year for FSN, marked by the conclusion of three global research projects designed to assess the status and progress of the modern finance function. As we approach the end of the calendar year, I wanted to offer 5 stand-out observations arising from the research that have the potential to … Continued

CFOs – 3 reasons why FSN believe Artificial Intelligence in the finance function needs an ERP boost

The Modern Finance Forum’s most recent research reveals a healthy degree of scepticism about the prospects for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the finance function. In a September 2017 survey of more than 850 senior finance professionals, 56% of respondents expected to become more dependent on machine learning to drive more accurate forecasts, but only … Continued

CFOs – How do you stop the spreadsheet-spiral™?

1.Spreadsheets: The Ultimate Disruptor Spreadsheets are without doubt the accountants’ favourite tool and there is no sign of that love affair abating soon. The Future of Financial Reporting Survey from FSN highlights that just 32% of CFOs believe that finance functions will be able to move away from spreadsheet reporting by 2030. Businesses talk obsessively about disruptive … Continued