How can CFOs make their forecasts more insightful?

Around 70% of CFOs say that there forecasting process is “respected”, “inclusive” and “strategically aligned”, but only 40% say that the outcome is “insightful”, i.e. reveals unexpected insights and pathways to better performance. Despite the huge effort expended in the forecasting process it seems that it often fails to live up to expectations. So, the obvious question … Continued

3 Reasons Why CFOs Are Failing To Reach “Utopia” In The Cloud

After years of doubt and prevarication CFOs have finally accepted the inevitability of moving core financial processes to the cloud. After all, the cloud holds such promise…doesn’t it? But recent FSN research, “The Future of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting” exposes the unpalatable truth that few organisations are fully benefiting from the cloud……..and that’s because they … Continued

Does your collaborative planning have muscle?

Budgeting, planning and forecasting is a collaborative exercise, especially in a matrix’d management structure that requires a consensus approach. In broad terms, the more participants in the process, the more diverse the functional areas from which they are drawn and the closer the individuals are to the sharp end of the business, the more likely … Continued