Why ‘Collaborative Enterprise Planning’ points the way forward

Collaborative enterprise planning is the process of connecting and aligning plans from all departments and business units across an organisation. It breaks down silos and brings teams together to collaborate on plans and drive better business outcomes. The case for involving more stakeholders, from across the enterprise couldn’t be stronger.  For example, FSN’s research, The … Continued

Can CFOs feel their way to success?

Much has been written about the customer journey and the customer experience along the way. The thinking goes that if we can empathise more closely with what the customer is experiencing, then we can better serve them with product and services. Indeed, FSN’s research, The Future of Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting shows that 70% of … Continued

What does innovation mean to the finance professional?

Despite the huge interest in innovation and the thousands of column inches written in the media every day, innovation is one of those terms that defies precise definition. So rather than attempt to define it, FSN’s 2018 Innovation in the Finance Function research invited the global finance community to offer examples of what it thought … Continued