Blackline’s acquisition of FourQ this week for a reported $165m (plus earnout consideration of up to $75 million over the next three years) is a timely reminder that intercompany eliminations are still a big deal – but shouldn’t be! FSN’s 2021 Agility in Financial Reporting & Close research highlights that only 11% of finance organisations … Continued


Can “Cloud À LA CARTE” GIVE CFOS A DIGITAL ADVANTAGE? The last 10 years has witnessed a rapid transition from on-premise solutions to the cloud. In the main, it’s been a process of like-for-like substitution, for example, taking an on-premises ERP or CPM solution and replicating it in the cloud. But is such an approach providing … Continued

What does innovation mean to the finance professional?

Despite the huge interest in innovation and the thousands of column inches written in the media every day, innovation is one of those terms that defies precise definition. So rather than attempt to define it, FSN’s 2018 Innovation in the Finance Function research invited the global finance community to offer examples of what it thought … Continued

Why 2019 is the time for CFOs to call change in the boardroom.

The boardroom is the nucleus of an organisation where senior executives make (hopefully profitable) strategic decisions. But as technology has spawned disruptors and new, agile business models, the competitive landscape has changed. These days boardrooms need different information to make critical decisions. Senior executives need breadth of data, from market analysis to operational scrutiny, but … Continued

5 Ways that CFOs can turbo-charge their finance functions in 2019

1.Set aside more time for finance process innovation Few finance functions plan for innovation and process improvement or set aside funding, time and resources. 11% of finance functions never discuss innovation and a further 54% say they would “if only they could spare the time”. Given this data, it is perhaps not surprising that only 12% … Continued

CFOs – How do you stop the spreadsheet-spiral™?

1.Spreadsheets: The Ultimate Disruptor Spreadsheets are without doubt the accountants’ favourite tool and there is no sign of that love affair abating soon. The Future of Financial Reporting Survey from FSN highlights that just 32% of CFOs believe that finance functions will be able to move away from spreadsheet reporting by 2030. Businesses talk obsessively about disruptive … Continued