What are the barriers to finance process innovation?

According to a recent survey, 34% of finance functions are actively pursuing finance process innovation.  But that still leaves 66% mired in legacy systems and unable to break out of the pack.  The FSN “Innovation in the Finance Function” study, harvested the views of more that 1,000 senior finance professionals globally as it sought to … Continued

5 ways that CFOs can help drive innovation

1.Support experimentation Innovation forces us to re-assess traditional measures of ROI. Business models in the digital era do not always conform to historic expectations of internal rate of return, payback or discounted cash flow. If we simply relied on ROI many important initiatives wouldn’t get off the ground. That’s not to suggest that a business … Continued

Why smart CFOs pay attention to ‘non-financials’

Recent research by Open Matters with analysis by Deloitte points to the crucial importance of understanding ‘intangibles’ if investors and other stakeholders are to fully appreciate the way that companies create value. The findings, based on a 40-year analysis of Standard & Poor’s 500 Index companies, confirms the long-term trend that 80% of market capitalization … Continued