Should there be a Robot tax?

In an interview this week with Bill Gates, he suggested that the use of robots should be taxed more or less equivalently to the humans they replace. The logic is at first sight appealing and irrefutable. Robots displace jobs that would have been done by humans who pay income taxes, social security taxes and insurances, (depending … Continued

3 Reasons Why CFOs Are Failing To Reach “Utopia” In The Cloud

After years of doubt and prevarication CFOs have finally accepted the inevitability of moving core financial processes to the cloud. After all, the cloud holds such promise…doesn’t it? But recent FSN research, “The Future of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting” exposes the unpalatable truth that few organisations are fully benefiting from the cloud……..and that’s because they … Continued

FSN’s 5 Fresh Focuses For CFOs in 2017

As the year-end looms, CFOs in corner offices around the globe are poring over 2017 budget proposals, allocating resources and approving 12-month plans based on data they know will be out of date even before the Christmas trees have been recycled. This might suffice for another year or two, but nimble disruptors are appearing in every sector, … Continued

How CFOs can save time and money through innovation in 2017

At FSN The Modern Finance Forum we ‘practice what we preach’. As you may know, our “Future of the Finance Function Research” released in the summer found that 52% of CFOs consider that they spend too much time on transaction processing and 42% spend too much time on management accounting. So, I wanted to share with … Continued

Why CFOs must embrace ‘Everything-as-Service’

For more than a decade businesses have been talking enthusiastically about the need to put the customer at the centre of what they do. But subtle changes in the digital economy, particularly the shift from selling goods to selling ‘Everything-as-a-Service’ is profoundly changing business models, organisational models and information systems. It’s a transformation for which many … Continued

Modern finance functions must link front to back-office for completeness of insight

Modern finance should be automating for insight as well as productivity. The ability to do this is within our gift but many finance professionals fail to deliver on the promise because they have not joined up their ‘front office’ (customer-facing systems) and their core financial systems in the back office. Front-to-back office integration really matters … Continued

Are CFOs doing enough to re-skill the finance function of the future?

CFOs must first examine themselves to see if they have the right skills to take the finance function into a more strategic future, and then ensure that the rest of the finance team can support and drive this new direction. The finance function is in a state of flux. Technology is having a profound impact … Continued

What should CFOs be doing this morning, post-brexit?

The decision has been made and the ‘die is cast’. Whatever camp you were in last night we all have to deal with the consequences of the UK vote to leave Europe today.  So what should CFOs be doing this morning? These are monumental events but I don’t think we should be too distracted by … Continued

There’s no such thing as a perfect CFO

The requirements of a modern CFO are as wide as they are deep. Constrained by financial governance, limited by ageing technology, swamped by demands to broaden their financial stewardship into business partnering, technology and strategy, CFOs can’t do it all. At least, not all at once. Time is the crucial factor holding CFOs back. Despite … Continued

Why are 50% of CFOs still spending too much time on transaction processing?

More than two decades after ERP systems first appeared in the business landscape more than half of all CFOs say that they spend too much time on transaction processing.  That was one of the startling conclusions from FSN’s research “The Future of the Finance Function Survey 2016” conducted among the 46,000 members of the FSN … Continued