Can “Cloud À LA CARTE” GIVE CFOS A DIGITAL ADVANTAGE? The last 10 years has witnessed a rapid transition from on-premise solutions to the cloud. In the main, it’s been a process of like-for-like substitution, for example, taking an on-premises ERP or CPM solution and replicating it in the cloud. But is such an approach providing … Continued

 3 reasons why the cloud points the way forward for finance systems

It’s official – CFOs are now putting their full weight behind the cloud. The findings of FSN’s “Future of Finance Systems” research, released this month, finds that a resounding 80% of senior finance professionals expect to have all or the majority of their finance systems in the cloud within the next 5 years. Only 8% … Continued

ERP in the cloud takes manufacturers to the next level

For many CFOs, the term “ERP” portends a bloated and unwieldy set of manufacturing applications developed in the 1990’s for a burgeoning global economy. Indeed, FSN’s research, “The Innovation in the Finance Function”, highlights that 52% of finance professionals spent too much time managing and resolving basic transaction processing. But a new era of ERP, … Continued

3 Reasons Why CFOs Are Failing To Reach “Utopia” In The Cloud

After years of doubt and prevarication CFOs have finally accepted the inevitability of moving core financial processes to the cloud. After all, the cloud holds such promise…doesn’t it? But recent FSN research, “The Future of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting” exposes the unpalatable truth that few organisations are fully benefiting from the cloud……..and that’s because they … Continued

How CFOs can save time and money through innovation in 2017

At FSN The Modern Finance Forum we ‘practice what we preach’. As you may know, our “Future of the Finance Function Research” released in the summer found that 52% of CFOs consider that they spend too much time on transaction processing and 42% spend too much time on management accounting. So, I wanted to share with … Continued

How should CFOs respond to the era of ‘postmodern ERP’?

After decades in which business applications have coalesced, the world now seems to be shifting into reverse gear, accelerated by the gradual demise of large ERP suites, the complexity of multi-vendor environments in the cloud and the fragmenting influence of the so called ‘Internet of Things’. At the same time there is unrelenting pressure on … Continued

SMEs ‘get’ the cloud but small accounting firms are lagging behind

Small accounting firms that have not kept up with accounting in the cloud could find themselves on the ‘endangered species’ list in the face of innovative and disruptive business models being rolled out by the Big 4 accounting firms. In the past SMEs have been served by the thousands of small firms of accountants but … Continued

5 Reasons why analysts are wrong. ERP in the cloud will succeed .

Some analysts have expressed strong doubts about the sustainability of ERP in the cloud, but the notion that ERP is the cloud will not succeed is greatly exaggerated.  Here are 5 reasons why. The ERP concept is proven – who wants to turn the clock back? Whatever misgivings CFOs may have about the chequered history … Continued

5 Reasons why benchmarking-in-the-cloud is set to revolutionise the finance function

“How are we performing compared to our closest competitors?”…. is a constant concern for CFOs seeking to drive growth and profitability.  Yet it is a stubbornly difficult question to answer.  Traditional benchmarking services are expensive and time-consuming, added to which they frequently ‘straight-jacket’ businesses into a narrow range of performance measures that leave nagging doubts … Continued

CFOs are sleepwalking into the cloud!

Most CFOs have ‘bought-into’ the cloud in some shape or form. If they are not moving to the cloud now then it is definitely on the near-term horizon. IDC the analyst firm says that public IT cloud services spending will grow to more than $127 billion in 2018, representing a compound annual growth rate of … Continued